Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Chimeraworld Cover

Here's the cover for Chimeraworld #3, published by Chimericana Books, edited by Mike Philbin, and including my story "Key Man."

Chimeraworld #3, published by Chimericana Books, edited by Mike Philbin will be released in January 2006. You can purchase a copy at

Please consider buying a copy- the stories are cool (but not for the faint of heart!) Also, I get a share of the profits for each book sold!

Various and Sundry...

I got the cover art for Chimeraworld #3 (which can be purchased in January of 2006 at and an ad banner which I will put up here when I have more time. Looking forward to the book coming out!

Got to play live poker last week. I think I did pretty well considering how nervous I was. It was kind of cliche- in the back room of a bar with a range of interesting characters: gangstas, wannabe playas, white trash, college online poker addicts. Mostly, it seemed like working class joes, but there were a sprinkling of 'respectable' middle classers there too. I stuck around for about two hours. I won some pots, which I thought about all weekend. Lost when I was short-stacked and forced to go all-in with pocket sixes. The guy I lost to got a straight on the river! It was hard to tell how I did, but out of ten full tables at the start, at least three were empty when I busted out.

Anyhoo, I'm hooked. The spouse doesn't like it, but we've come to an agreement. I'll weigh in every Friday morning and, if I lose weight, I get to play. If I get down to my ideal weight, I get to go to Atlantic City and play in a cash game.

Unfortunately, the writing continues to suffer. I only have two stories I feel motivated about at this time, so maybe I'm just burned out and wouldn't be doing much with it either way. At any rate, I have a deadline coming up in December which will force me to do some writing, and one of the stories I'm really excited about gets critiqued in a few weeks. Of course, if no one likes it...

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Heavy into a depressive mood this week. Sat at my desk yesterday without an ounce of energy or desire to do anything. Literally sat there- didn't even surf the net or play solitaire. I could feel myself losing my job but still didn't care enough to try to do anything about it. Luckily, I have appt's today, so I'll have work thrust upon me. I felt sad and near crying all last night. My spouse and I discussed a general foreboding or fear we have concerning our eldest daughter. We're worrying about whether or not she'll be happy and have friends as she grows up. She seems so fragile.

Had a nice little fight with my spouse this morning-great for the kids to see. My temper is so short when I'm depressed. Probably time to see the doctor about my medication.

I've done some writing this week, which makes me feel good, but I'm restless again about the submissions I have out there. I know I'd feel instantly better if I heard something positive.

Done surprisingly well at poker also- I think having some type of general strategy is good against 75% of the schmucks playing out there. Still I played last night and my mood was so bad I gave up half way through a tournament. It seems like a waste of time now. This could be it for that hobby- that's how fast they turn on and off for me. I think I have an emotional attachment to writing however, and I think I'm in it to win it.

Enough rambling.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Brand New Start

Finally, started a new story this week. I've got the poker bug bad though, and I've not done any writing in the past couple of days. I've been going at it hammer and tong for two years though, so I shouldn't be surprised that I'm burned out a bit.

Got the galley proof for Chimeraworld 3. Was only expecting my story, was pleasantly surprised to see the whole anthology. I'm going to hold off on reading all but my story until it's published- I want it to have it's full effect on me. I'm sending off the corrections to my story tomorrow. It finally hit me that I'm going to be in a book, with an ISBN number. A book you can buy at Amazon and which will be registered with the Library of Congress!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Publicity Fun

I haven't done much actual writing lately- some editing of a few stories. There haven't been any story ideas that have jumped out at me like they need to to get me moving.

Some fun writing related things, though. Got to write my bio for Chimeraworld. I get a charge out of doing that, makes me feel all big-time and shit. Also, was invited to be a guest at an online writer's group. I'll answer questions and get to plug my work, I imagine. I'm a bit amazed at the chances for exposure that I'm getting lately. It would be nice to develop a readership outside the family!

We pulled out our old computer over the weekend and fired 'er up. We both had files we had to print out-the piece of crap is rife with viruses and is falling apart so we can't save anything to disc. So, we printed out about a hundred pages. Besides the personal stuff, there was a novelette I wrote in '04, two chapters of a novel I started and stopped, and its bible.

The novellette, while amateurishly written, is a good idea. I'll probably punch it up after I get the energy to type the damned thing into our new computer.

I was thinking yesterday of doing some work on the novel: I felt the creative fires stoke up a bit. Once I read it though, I lost interest. I'm reluctant to spend years on a project that might never sell. I'd rather write five-ten stories and work them into publishable material. It's not a bad story idea, though...

Saturday, November 05, 2005


I just learned that Mike Philbin bought my story "Key Man" for Chimeraworld #3. Damn! I feel good! This the second time a story of mine was bought on the first submission. It should be published in early 2006. I'll put a link to the publisher, Chimeracaina Books, when I have more time.

The guest writer thing is going better now, I've been able to respond to a few posts. Can't wait to announce the sale there-might actually have someone buy the book to read my story.

In other news, I went to work yesterday, at least for a few hours. I couldn't believe how tired I was after driving to Baltimore and walking to my office. By the time I waded through my e-mail and phone messages, I was done. Came home and played poker.

Played in a "tournament" last night. Not much of a tourney- a qualifier for the qualifier for a tournament. Lost. Played on the open tables and left in the money.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still at Home

Still not back to work yet. My energy level is so LOW. I'm going to shoot to sleep in tomorrow and try to get into work at least in the afternoon.

In the meantime, I've been sucked in by the poker bug. Been playing on line at for almost all of the last three days. I've made some noticeable, but slight, improvement. I bought a book for beginners. Sheesh. I'm serially monogomous when it comes to hobbies, so this might not be a good sign for my writing career. I have to remember that I actually get paid to write (sometimes, at least) and I'm more successful as a writer than I ever will be as a poker player. I need positive, immediate, feedback, which is why I think I'm liking the poker now, as oppossed to barely hearing anything about my submissions.

Which leads me to:


Heard that the story selection process for Chimeraworld 3 is in it's final cut, to be completed after this weekend. Since I haven't heard anything about my story "Key Man," I'm assuming it's on the short list.

I've got exactly zero questions as the guest writer on the Carnival of Wicked Writers message board. Wait, are you trying to tell me that my paltry four publications in obscure markets hasn't developed a large following for me? Nonsense!