Monday, November 07, 2005

Publicity Fun

I haven't done much actual writing lately- some editing of a few stories. There haven't been any story ideas that have jumped out at me like they need to to get me moving.

Some fun writing related things, though. Got to write my bio for Chimeraworld. I get a charge out of doing that, makes me feel all big-time and shit. Also, was invited to be a guest at an online writer's group. I'll answer questions and get to plug my work, I imagine. I'm a bit amazed at the chances for exposure that I'm getting lately. It would be nice to develop a readership outside the family!

We pulled out our old computer over the weekend and fired 'er up. We both had files we had to print out-the piece of crap is rife with viruses and is falling apart so we can't save anything to disc. So, we printed out about a hundred pages. Besides the personal stuff, there was a novelette I wrote in '04, two chapters of a novel I started and stopped, and its bible.

The novellette, while amateurishly written, is a good idea. I'll probably punch it up after I get the energy to type the damned thing into our new computer.

I was thinking yesterday of doing some work on the novel: I felt the creative fires stoke up a bit. Once I read it though, I lost interest. I'm reluctant to spend years on a project that might never sell. I'd rather write five-ten stories and work them into publishable material. It's not a bad story idea, though...


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