Friday, October 21, 2005

Of Submissions and Kidney Stones

Sent out "For Dahlia," a comtemporary fantasy/horror to Realms of Fantasy today. I got through the slush pile and on to Shawna with a story that I don't think was half as good, so I'm somewhat optimistic. Probably too optimistic.

I have been WAITING to hear back concerning numerous submissions. Waiting for editors is the worst part of writing, for me at least. I used to brew beer for a living, and I thought those guys were pretty laissez-faire. If an editor tells you "I'll get back to you in a few days," he/she means a few months. Part of this whining comes from the fact that what responses I have gotten have been rejections. Haven't sold anything since August, I think. My early successes has spoiled me a bit, I think.

My non-writing drama right now is my kidney stone. Having one feels like you've got someone with long, dirty nails digging into your side. Add in a dash of nausea and constant aching, and you've got the mixin's for a good time! Thankfully, I get my stone zapped with super-strong sonic waves on Monday. Hopefully that'll do the trick. If not, I get a few days off from work and I can start looking forward to the more, er, invasive treatment.


Blogger Spider Girl said...

Your description of kidney stones is quite evocative.

As for writing, I've never sent anything off to an editor, but I'm not the kind who would wait without would be hard.

Good luck. :)

5:28 PM  

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