Monday, October 31, 2005

Guest Writer at Carnival of Wicked Writers Messageboard

I'm scheduled to be a guest writer on the Carnival of Wicked Writers Messageboard this week, although the thread's not set up yet. You can find it, when it's up, at I'll be taking all questions, however personal, tawdry, or sordid.

The other guest is Ilona Hegedus, who is a rather accomplished poet and reviewer. This is good, because I can't imagine my small bibliography will be much of a draw.

I went back to the hospital today to get an ultrasound of the heart catheter site- I noticed a few painful lumps in my leg and was concerned I might be bleeding internally or developing an aneurysm. All's well, thank God. The nurses in the cardiac catheter lab remembered me from last week and said I'm looking much better.

With that off my mind, and because I'm feeling better otherwise, I ran an errand before coming home. By the time I got back, I was whupped. Dizzy, winded, just beat. I thought about going back to work tomorrow, but I may rethink that.


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