Thursday, October 27, 2005

Prophetic Story

Here's a story I wrote on Monday before my disasterous surgery. It's kind of eerie. While I was in the ICU, I also received my check from Red Jack Publishing for "Dogs of War," which will be in the round robin novel Liquid Laughter Project: Medicine Show.

Once, there was a man who needed surgery. Not major surgery, but still, he needed to have general anesthetized.
He and his wife decided to eat out and go to a movie the night before his operation.
“I want ribs,” he said.
“Yechh,” his wife said. “Besides, you should eat something lighter before your surgery. Let’s get salads.”
“Honey, I’m going under general anesthesia tomorrow, I may never wake up. I don’t want my last meal with you to be a salad.”
As the man ate his ribs (his wife ordered a salad), they discussed which movie to see.
“I’ve been dying to go to that new Meryl Streep movie,” the man’s wife said.
The man shuddered. “But Rage Dance 3 just came out. What if I don’t wake up tomorrow? My life won’t be complete if I don’t see this movie!”
After the movie, the couple went home and got ready for bed.
“So, hon,” the man said as he got under the covers. “Are you in the mood for…you know?”
“Forget it!” his wife said. “My stomach’s still upset from that awful movie you made us watch.”
“Baby, don’t you understand?” The man looked at her with eyes he hoped were soulful. “This could be the last chance- I could die tomorrow.”
His wife sighed.
The next day, the man got dressed and his wife drove him to the hospital. He put on a surgical gown and was prepped for surgery. Finally, he was given his anesthesia and fell asleep.
And you know what?
He never did wake up.


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