Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bullet List

  • Back to work for a half day today, same tomorrow. Felt good, physically and mentally to do something productive for a change. Not too many disasters waiting for me, none unsurmountable.
  • Apparently, I can't beat the two-four cent limit tables at stars. By definition, this means I apparently don't know the rank of hands and can't name the four suits. I'm busto there and completely frustrated. Following Sklansky as straight-up as possible, really focusing on not chasing, but still getting crushed.
  • Not much better at .25-.50 limit on FTP. I'm methodically turning 22 bucks into dust. Same story. Play a hand badly, get nothing from Variance to help me dig out.
  • Playing live on Saturday- $20 NLHE tournament, with rebuys. I'll be there twenty minutes, I'm sure.
  • Discovered 2+2's BBV4Life forum. Hours of entertainment. I can't get anything out of the disjointed posts and confusing hand histories, but give me a bunch of silly topics, and I'm happy.
  • As you can tell, the blog is dying.

So, how was your day?

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Back on the money tables. Surprisingly, when on a tear in the Cheapskate Specials (freerolls) and won a whole dollar total on Poker Stars. With some work at the good ole .02-.04 tables (limit) I know have about 1.20 there now.

THEN, I went onto and got a free roll for Ablsolute Poker. Fifty dollars now, fifty dollars of bonus.

I don't like this site at all. Why?

1. Can't clear the bonus unless you play at least $1/$2 limit. So, I have twenty-five BB's to work with to clear 75 raked hands (at least fifty cents) for each ten bucks. So, I'll probably lose it before clearing any of it.

2. Very few tournaments. Plus, the juice depends on how many people play. So, I could pay a dollar to join and as much as a dollar of juice. Ridiculous.

3. Can only play one freeroll at a time. Wha? How stupid.

4. No 9 table micro limit games. I don't like six max.

It's free money, I guess I shouldn't complain.

I'm ready to write an original story except for one problem. No ideas. I was up late last night trying to think of something worth a damn, but there just isn't any 'there' there. I need to get off the computer and start reading more and watching more movies. That always gets the creative juices going.

I'm going back to work part time next week, thank God. My day is all messed up- up way too late at night, then sleeping a big chunk of the day away. Bored, lonely, and depressed.

Boo hoo me.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Yeah, I suck. Busted out last week. No money. Stuck playing freerolls until I get my rake back for the month.

Bad thing? It sucked when it happened, but I think I needed the limit break. I was burned out, playing day in and day out anyway, then ALL day everyday since my surgery. I was on tilt, plain and simple. Worse, I don't think I knew it. Surely, I was getting no cards, no flops, and sucked out on more than Ron Jeremy ever has, but I still played poorly, didn't manage my money, didn't move down limits soon enough. At this stage, I'm simply not good enough to play 1/2 on Full Tilt.

I might still be tilted, which makes it a good thing that I can't risk any money upfront right now. At any rate, I'm going deep into these freerolls, doing better than 90 plus percent of my opponents. Not making the money, though. I'll be able to play ONE .10 cent $50 buck guarantee on Stars, and I have a somewhat good track record with these. Maybe I should pull a Chris Ferguson and try to build a roll from nothing.

I'm reading "Phil's Little Green Book" and I'm getting into playing tourneys

I've been playing some more razz for play money and even the new five card draw on Poker Stars. I need to read a bit about that game.

Not done with limit poker though. Going to AC in March for two days, and a bus trip to AC at a time TBA. Must also reread SSHE by Sklansky and get away from bluffing too much.

In the meantime, I've been editing and submitting stories again. I was about to start a new story, but chickened out.

"What?" you ask. It is very difficult to start a story, the hardest part of it, sometimes.

Saw the doctor today- he's suggesting another FIVE WEEKS before I can drive to work. That's fine, buddy, but are you going to give me a job so I can pays me bills?

Week after next, I'm going to try to go back part time, then hopefully driving myself soon after. Going to be tough working again.

My schedule for today:
Go to bed at 2am.
Up at 5:30, help get monkeys ready for school
Breakfast, back to bed at 7am.
Wake up at 10:30am.
TV, early lunch.
Write until about 3pm.
Shower, Dr's appt., dinner at inlaws.

Where can I fit working 9-5 in there?