Friday, February 09, 2007

900 Miles to go

I've got my diaper on, my mace, and my 'tubing' and I'm driving non-stop to Florida to stand in a silent vigil outside of the morgue where Anna Nicole Smith is buried. I might sing "Candle in the Wind."

Oh, wait, I've got stuff to do this weekend. Never mind.

Did I mention I'm fully 'rolled for the .25/.50 tables at Full Tilt? Yay me. I'm down big time though. If it wasn't for bonus, I'd be down close to a hundred BB's. On the other hand, I've put a couple consecutive winning sessions together, so maybe I'm back on my way up.

With my limited skill, I'm finding it very hard to win long term in this new environment. The pots I drag are so small that it takes an inordinate amount of wins to make up for the hands where my decent two pair are counterfeited or my nut flush draws and OESD's don't come in.

At this point, I'm just playing for practice for live play in Atlantic City. Who knows how long internet poker's going to last, or if I'm going to ever get the money back? This gives the advice: "Don't bring to the table more money that you can afford to lose" a whole new meaning. I'm glad I'm not a Ship It Holla Balla with a huge 'roll online, I'd be pulling my hair out.

I think the situation's bleak. The DOJ's all up in poker's ass, and there're rumors that Neteller may be handing over individual account info to the IRS, as well as Justice. Anyone who believed it when lawmakes said that they didn't intend to 'get' poker players are suckers. Let's remember the America we live in now, folks.

Did I mention Atlantic City? I'm going there you March. Unfortunately not for Jordan's get together. PLUS, I'll be going at least one other time this year, as I have a bus trip to use. Hopefully I'll have the same luck I had the last time I went.

This time, my game plan is to play limit the first day, most def at the Trop, where I'll be staying. I'd also like to try another poker room, maybe at the Taj or Caesar's. Before I leave the next day, I'm considering playing in a SNG somewheres, maybe the Borgata or Bally's, not really sure.

The other thing I'm going to do is bust my sports bet cherry. This is just something I want to try, just for the experience.

Based on my posting frequency, I won't be back until I give the trip report, so wish me luck and any suggestions are always appreciated.