Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Six Degrees of Separation- The Only Universal Truth

So, I find out that someone I met recently through work is the niece of Pol Pot. That means I 'knew' him through only one degree of separation. This, and the other people I know through Six Degrees: Bush (Father and Son), Clinton (Pres. and Sen.), Queen Elizabeth, Joe Paterno, the Hillside Strangler, Pope John Paul VI, the author Toni Morrison, and, yes, Kevin Bacon have convinced me that not only is this theory true, but it is the only universal law that we can put any faith in.

The Law of Six Degrees is the new bedrock that I am building my life upon from this point on. Look for future posts such as :

"The Law of Six Degrees and Low Limit Hold 'Em" and

"Family Finances, the Six Degrees Way"

Join me in furthering the philosophical revolution of the 21st century!

Or die!


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