Sunday, August 20, 2006

Live Blog Experiment

It's been a poker playing extravaganza this weekend, and I'm having trouble staying focused. I thought I'd try something new and live blog a poker session. Hopefully not too boring.

11:00am EST I'm up about two bucks and haven't had many good cards so far. Table is tight and pretty passive and I've had some luck bluffing in position. Otherwise, nada. Fold, foldy, foldalot.

Whatever happened to table chat? No one talks anymore, and I can't draw anybody out. There's someone who claims to be from Compton and I've been asking him if he knows Ice Cube or Snoop Dog.

No answer.

11:09: Won four fifty with AQ in the BB. Called a raise from the cut off. Hit a Q on the turn and my opponent folded. Next hand was AJo and folded to a raise and a caller pre-flop. We were briefly six-handed, now back to nine.

11:18: Tested a blind steal with A5o on the button and was successful. Next hand was A3sooted, hit an A on the flop. Heads up- guy in front of me (BB) bets out. I fold. I didn't know what he's capable of here, very few hands are being shown down.

Fold, Fold. Then folded to me in MP with QJs. I raise, and win the blinds.

11:23: A5 in the BB. I check and three of us see a 3d kd 5s flop. Check, bet, and I raise, since I've got middle pair and a backdoor flush draw. The checker folds and the original bettor calls.

Turn: 4s. My opponent bets. I estimate I have seven outs and there's about six bucks in the pot. I call.

River: Ac. My opponent checks, I bet, he folds. I drag pot. I'm up $6.50.

Whew this live blogging is harder than I thought.

11:30: This may be the day of ace-rag in the BB. I made some loose bets in with A7o, but the aggression paid off and I won the pot uncontested.

11:33: Had to give up AJo after the flop, then found pocket 5's in MP. Hit my set, but there were two spades on the board, so I bet out. Ended up heads up with someone trying to push me off the pot. Dragged $10.25. Up +12 bucks.

11:38: Lost three bucks. Had TP with a jack kicker. Called down by someone with the nut flush draw who spiked an ace on the river. Stupid river.

Finally we're seeing some showdowns and I'm getting some info. Is a table tight if only three people are seeing the flop but two of them are playing terrible hands?

How is it I'm getting to play on a Sunday morning, you ask? The monkeys are at their grandparents for the weekend! I'm feeling a bit guilty because I should probably do something a bit more constructive, but WTF, I don't get that much time to myself.

11:55: I've had my BB stolen twice by the button. I need to make a stand soon. Also, I'm playing too loosely post-flop. I'm up $5.50.

The Mistress came upstairs and gave me a ration of shit for playing poker again. I gave it back to her for watching three movies in a row. When you're parents, you sometimes have trouble feeling comfortable with down time. We'd have had a better time if the AC trip had worked out.

12:05 Drug a middle pot with a set of sevens. Then, tried to steal with Q10 in the cutoff. The BB reraised, but he'd done that before and since I had a somewhat legit hand and I was feeling fiesty, I capped it. Hit a ten for top pair, and he called. Turn was a blank. I bet, he called. River, a ten, I drag pot. Might have sucked out on him, but maybe not. He might have had an ace or two overcards. Up 10.75.

Well, I think I'm done for the day. I'm a bit bored and it's making me make bad decisions. The Mistress came in and tried screwing with me again, I think she wants some attention. Hope I didn't bore everyone too much.


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