Monday, July 31, 2006

Quick Hits

I'm trying not to be online so much at work, so I'm going to do some Aimless Stream of ConsciousnessTM for about five minutes or so:

My Vacation: Great time. Sun, beach, bikinis, surf, my beautiful kids, good food, my beautiful wife, fun, fun, fun.

On the way down, I saw a billboard for a online poker room that was supposedly for military personnel "G.I's" as they said (eventhough the only base in the area is Camp Lejeune- Marines) I told myself to write the name of the sight down, but I forgot, of course. I'll do a search later and see if I can find it.

The beach house we rent had a new huge flatscreen TV with HD satellite. SCHWWEEET!! Although, Phil Helmuth in HD is not very attractive.

Speaking of looks (this is where the Aimless part comes in kids, so stay with me) I got the Moneymaker Millions promo in my e-mailbox today and Jesus, can Moneymaker look anymore like a schlub? I'm not going to denigrate his playing abilities, but good God man, you're a millionaire, get to a gym or a plastic surgeon.


One dream I had recently was me putting together a $5 dollar buy-in NLHE tourney at a casino in downtown York, Pa. Eric Lindgren and Joe Hachem were playing. We were playing 7-card Stud, which already should have told me it was a nightmare, and I had quad aces. I'm dealing, and I accidently shuffle my hand back into the deck! Then, I realize there's about six or seven aces in the deck. I'm absolutely mortified and I apologize profusely. I mean, I'm sort of embarrassed that I've invited some big name players to such a rinky-dink game anyway and then this happens. Eric is very understanding and laughs it off.

I offer to get some more cards, so, instead of going to the floor guy, or at least driving home, I figure it's quicker to literally run to the other side of town and get another pack of my hole-punched casino cards from home. By the time I make it home, It's like three in the morning, so I just decide to not go back and leave Eric and Joe in the lurch with the other players. So I go to bed.

But, I feel bad about not returning and I can't sleep! So I decide to run BACK to the casino, but I have trouble making it to the poker room because there's all these shops in the way and they're going to shut the poker room down so they can set up the breakfast buffet. (This is South Central Pa, people. If there ever were to be a poker room in downtown York, it would shut down for the breakfast buffet. Trust me.)

Finally, I sit back down and Eric and Joe are gone, replaced by pros I don't know, but are greasy guys who you probably wouldn't associate with other than at the poker table. Players like Matusow or Farha. Boy, were they pissed! They'd taken my chips and replaced them with buttons, and I didn't know how much they were worth. Thankfully, I woke up enough to end that dream!


Okay, that's it for now, except that, after a week of no poker, I won over ten BB's last night. I did a fair bit of poker reading at the beach, and I have some things I'm trying to improve upon. Which goes without saying, and will still be the case fifty years from now!


Blogger Michael said...

I saw Moneymaker's picture, also. Agreed, could he actually look any worse?!?

2:17 PM  
Blogger ragecg said...

For a moment, I thought you were going to say, instead of Downtown, the dream was set was under the main grandstand at the york fairgrounds...... I've had almost the same type of dream....

...only there were more naked chicks....... and free corndogs and beer....

8:17 AM  

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