Wednesday, July 05, 2006

100th Post!

What could be more appropriate that my blog posts its 100th entry during this patriotic week? Who would've thought I'd have made it this far? And who really cares?

To celebrate this unprecedented, unmatched achievement, I'm going to grace you with some more Aimless Stream of ConsciousnessTM:

In the spirit of Independence Day, we did what all upstanding American parents should do: we introduced a child to video games. We got sucked into the whole VSmile hype. We thought it would be educational. It was educational all right! It taught the Big Monkey how to play video games!

Now it's all about VSmile. Can I play the TV game? Can I? How about now? Pretend I'm Dora (one of the games features the latina explora) jumping over the bridge. Can I play now?


On Monday I downloaded the Titan software and tried to register to take advantage of's instant bankroll promotion. Didn't work. I contacted Titan's customer support and was told that, in fact, I already have a cash account with them, under the e-mail Um, no I don't, I said. Oh, well you might have a virus, Titan said. Delete the software and download it again.

Well, I can't do that and take advantage of the instant bankroll. I've deleted the software and, quite frankly, it's just as well. Two poker sites is enough for me right now. The computer seems to run better without that software on it anyway.

My concern is, what about this madhyp guy? Titan never mentioned the account after I said I didn't have it, but I'm wondering if my info's been snatched by someone and they've set up an account in my name. Anyone know of any scams related to madhyp or Titan?


Remember that bumper sticker:

It's hard to be humble when I'm just that damn good

That's how I feel about my limit game right now. I'm killing .25/.50 limit at Party, for the short run at least. Six winning sessions out the past seven. I'm doing better at Stars as well, although the play at that level is tight and seems to be about the same skill level as where I'm at.

I can understand how players can get big egos. Just a week or two ago, I was dreading playing any limit 'cause I was getting crushed. Now, moving up in limits has shown immediate improvement. Those humiliating losing days seem like a bad memory, and I'm daydreaming again about how I'm going to get to 2/4 or 5/10 and bring in a steady side income.

Obviously, I can't jump levels everytime I'm in a rut and I have no intention on doing it again. My goal is to build up to $200 at Party and move up to .50/1. As for Stars, my 'roll is on life support. I can't play any blogger events for awhile. I'm just going to grind the limit tables and play a few small SNG's, which I still think are +EV for me.


Here's an article from written by the wife of a professional on-line poker player. It's an interesting look from a spouse's perspective.

I'm disappointed with Slate on this, however. When the article first ran, it was under an innocuous headline, which I don't remember. Now, they have it listed with the heading "My Husband Lost my Nestegg!" Which is true, but it gives a totally inaccurate impression of the article. Read and let me know if you agree with me.


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