Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aimless Stream of Consciousness

Howdy folks, we're gonna take a canoe ride down CL's Aimless Stream of ConsciousnessTM:

It's bad enough you can't find a Ceaser salad with anchovies around here, but they forgot to even put the croutons on today! So, I've got romaine lettuce and dressing, with a bit of cheese on top. I should sue for misrepresentation.


Just in case you're keeping track...

You can add two more rights to the list that we no longer have. The President has been snooping in people's private financial records, tracking overseas wire transfers, ostensibly to find terrorists.

"But CL, you bleeding-heart, commie liberal," some might say, "If you haven't done anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about!"

Well...part of the problem is who is defining what's 'wrong.' We're closer than ever to critics of the President in general and, specifically, the War on Terror being charged with treason. W might be checking out leading Democrats as we speak. We just don't know.

Secondly, just think dear reader, what other group of citizens make overseas wire transfers. Say, to Costa Rica and Gibraltar? Transfers to pay for an activity that could be illegal in a year or two?

Finally, there is NO oversight for these privacy invading programs. The financial records searches are audited by a private company, Booz Allen. Jesus Christ! When did an accounting firm take over for the Judicial branch of government? What leverage does the Vice-President of the Illegal Search and Seizure Department at Booz Allen have over the Federal Government?

The other right that's in jeopardy is our right to vote. The Voting Rights Act has not been renewed.

There's nothing else to say about that, it sort of stands on its own.


I've made a deposit on Party Poker (Bonus Code Iggy). I'm going to play the .25-.50 limit tables. So far so good- up about two bucks. My handle is CLRusso, put me on your 'fish to track' list.


Why is it I can do so well at $2-4 live, but continually get crushed online at the .05-.10 tables? Probably has to do with how much easier it is to get on a table live as opposed to online. If you're going to go through the trouble of downloading, transferring money, etc., you're going to take it more seriously than when you're drunk and you've just dropped three hundy at the slots and wanna try that poker game.

Either way, I've played the last two days at the .02-.04 tables on Stars and I didn't win one hand. Not one hand.


I'm stuck in some drama in one of my fantasy football leagues. I could (and should) do an entire post on this, as there's a bunch of backstory, etc. Here's a brief synopsis.

I was asked to invite a friend to my newest league, which is made up of a neighbor and people I don't know too well. He accepted.

When the league website was set up, it was discovered that my friend's wife had signed up instead. I was informed by the league commissioner, who's also my neighbor, that our league is a "no chicks league."

Okay, whatever.

I asked that all the owners be polled to see what they think of the matter and the votes are coming in.

What makes this situation worse is that my friend left my other league, who are all my college friends, because his wife wasn't allowed to play there. That was not a 'chick' issue, it was because of some private stuff I won't get into.

So, now I have the great job of calling my friend and seeing what's up. To make matters worse, both my neighbor and my friend and his wife play in my homegame. So, if this ends up roughly, the home game will probably be shot.

I'm pissed at my friend. I don't know yet what the deal is but, knowing what I know of the previous situation, it seems like he's being tricksy. At the least, he should have let the league know he wasn't going to play. It's not his right to pick a replacement.

Really, I'm just pissed that both he and my neighbor have put me in this positiona. And I'm getting tired of this league. There's drama every year and it's getting tedious.


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