Friday, June 09, 2006

I've Got Nothing to Post About

BB's to go: 647.9 or $64.79

Really, not much to say. Dug a big hole for myself on the limit tables, but scratched back to a meager win. Went deep in a dollah tournament, ended up 15 out of about 1250.

Just some observations: I did something in limit that I haven't been able to do lately- I quit when I was ahead. A few days ago I was up over three bucks (about thirty BB's) and kept on playing, even when I was getting tired and distracted. I slowly descended back to even, but didn't stop and lock in a positive night. Ended down about two bucks. That's not going to happen anymore.

Had over 100k in chips for the first time in a tourney. My tight game was rolling, and I was making good decisions. I discovered I can't really read players except in one regard- I have a pretty good sense of when players will fold. Won over twenty hands without a showdown.

Did I say I made good decisions? Well, I made bad ones too, one of which was strategic. I was thirteenth in chips with 15 players left. The blinds were high, but not too painful. I should have coasted a bit and tried to make the final table. Instead, I saw my six figure stack and tried pushing my edges. Eventually, it was my undoing. Now I know.

I think I can take one of these tourneys down, if I can stay awake. I was dozing off between hands and during breaks. Literally sleeping, with those just-falling-asleep dreams/streams of altered consciousness. Runs of bad cards were brutal and I nearly timed out once or twice.

Maybe I'll take a stab at a two dollar tournament. I know, I know, dare to dream.


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