Thursday, June 08, 2006

These Guys are Crazy Bastards!

BB's to go: 655.1 or $65.51.

Editor's note: Now, look, I'm not one to insult people whose parents aren't married. I would never even think about calling into question the legitimacy of the births of people I don't know but...

These guys are crazy bastards!

Not only does Wicked Chops openly link-whore right on their site, but they have the audacity to write up some freaking funny stuff as well. I dug into these bastards' archives and I am highly impressed. Just a word of warning: if you're a poker player, don't do anything stupid and illegal within earshot of Wicked Chops.

And Fridays, mmm, Fridays. Let's just say that part of me salutes whomever chooses the eye-candy each week.

So, to paraphrase the movie Patton:

"You magnificent bastards! I linked your site!"


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