Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mistress Imposed Hiatus

BB's to go: 615 or $61.50

Okay, poker's going to be slim to non-existant for the next few weeks. The Mistress is starting her graduate work and needs the computing machine for an online class.

Probably for the best. I'm not scared money at .10-.20 limit, but I'm not ready for that level, especially during my current slump.

Played a bit and only lost about fifteen BB's. Was outclassed and juked out of my shorts several times. I guy on my right kept check-raising me and I kept falling for it. You'd think, after the second or third time, I'd make the connection and simply check after him, but it didn't even hit me until after the session was over.

At any rate, I've played every night for the past two or three months and I probably need to stop and get some perspective. Do some book learnin' and lay low until Variance decides to pick on someone else.

After writing this, I'm realizing that I'll probably be back playing poker in a few days. Who am I kidding? The Mistress is genetically unable to stay up past 9pm and I'm a night owl, so I'm sure all this talk of hiatus is a bit overblown. I'm hoping I can take at least a few days break though, it would be good for me.


Speaking of breaks, we're heading to Wildwood, New Jersey this weekend. The Little General just learned to say 'beach' last night and she was repeating it and cackling all through dinner. I can't imagine she remembers last summer's trip, but she's definitely psyched about going!

The hotel we're staying at is running a Pirate Weekend promotion which includes, among other things, free pirate hats and swords. Yay, a two and four year old with swords! What fun!

Wildwood, for all those unfamiliar with the place, is a dark carnival, a freak show, but only in the best ways. Think Sopranos meets the Beverly Hill Billies. It's probably too early for the suede bikinis, but there will be plenty of gold chains, blow-dried hair, and leopard-print clothing to go around. Especially since it's the Sons of Italy Weekend.

I'm not joking.


Atlantic City this summer is coming more and more into focus. We actually have a credit from a bus line for another trip we had to cancel, so going there will be "free." I've also fell into some money recently, which will take care of most of my live 'roll. All we need to do is agree on a weekend and trick some grandparents into watching the Squirtlins' and we'll be set.

In the last post, I said the Mistress had teased me about going to AC by myself. It was more of one of those tricksy woman-tricks that I keep falling for:

Mistress: "So I was thinking of sending you to AC on your own for Father's Day."

CL: "Cool! That's a great gift!"

Mistress: "Oh..."

CL: "What?"

Mistress: "You don't have to seem so...happy about it."

CL: "It's just that I'm excited about going. Maybe I'll ask Mark to go, you know he offered to split a room with me."

Mistress: "What? Who said anything about Mark going?"

CL: "Well, I just thought..."

Mistress: "You don't even want to go with me!"

CL: "Now hold on, you were the one who said I should go alone."

Mistress: "But we never spend any time together."

CL: "Again, I have to remind you that you were the one who offered to send me there alone."

Mistress: "Well, maybe you should just go and stay there then."

The Mistress goes into the tank for awhile and I know two things: My AC trip is in jeopardy and I know nothing about women. Clearly, I should have declined to go alone at first. Secondly, I shouldn't have brought up going with a friend until the last minute.

CL: "Honey, I think you should come with me."

Mistress: "I wouldn't want to take away from your fun." There were some other comments about Mark (who is both of our friend) and how the trip might be more of a romantic one for us, and how she didn't want to come between us. I won't repeat them, but the terms "butt buddies" and "turd burglars" was bandied about.

CL: "No, I'm insisting that you come with me."

Mistress: "Well, okay, if you insist."


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