Monday, May 15, 2006

Even-Up Weekend

Forgot to bring my BB count to's quite a bit higher though...I'll get to that in a minute.

Bad poker weekend.

"Played" at the Hardware Bar this weekend. Couldn't get anything going, as there were several aggressive players doing there thing at my table and I was getting zero cards. There's no upside to bluffing, as no pot goes uncontested. One handed ended with four to a flush on the board. The winner shows his flush, the loser flips over his pair of queens. "I had outs!" he said.

This was the make-up of my table: three Type A players, two Type D (dumb) players, who literally had borderline intelligence, two average guys (including me) and a guy dressed like a biker whose nickname was "Toe."

The last player was tall, tattoed blonde chick. You know the type: hot, knows she's hot, her schtick is that she's a crazy party girl, woo hoo. A dick tease, in simpler terms. She was loud and obnoxious, and you could tell everyone else at the table (all guys) thought she was a joke and just wanted her to shut up. She was sitting next to me and rubbed her boobies all over me, though. At one point, she folded, then leaned in and breathed in my ear: "I had deuces, what did you have?"


Soon, we learn that her boyfriend is seated at the table. Blonde starts making comments about her sexual prowess. "You guys are so quiet! I'm always loud-especially in bed."

I turned to her. "Do you snore?"


After my weak showing, I headed home and played some tilt-a-poker. Got crushed at the limit tables to the tune of over three dollars (30BB's.) Busted in about fifteen minutes in a dollah tournament, then bubbled in another one. Whatever connection I had to the "rythym" of tournaments has disappeared again. Just another donkey fumbling in the dark.

The carnage continued on Saturday. You know you're having a bad day when you're happy to win back half of what you lost. Ended down another 15-20 BB's.

Sunday, more of the same. Played an SNG, which I said I'd never do again, finished way out of the money. Lost another dollar or two in cash games.

The tournament play doesn't bother me, I'm back to my normal results.

I'm not used to these results at limit though. Not that I shouldn't expect it, I've been playing for less than a year and I've had a good run so far. I'm not sure what the cause was for my losses. It didn't seem like I was hitting a lot of flops. I had my set cracked by a larger set, I was killed by the river several times.

I feel like I'm getting sloppy. I misread some boards and was surprised to find myself up against larger hands. One of my strengths, I thought, was reading boards and having a pretty good idea where my hand stood.

Oh well. Can't win them all. I've been on a good run and you've got even up the books sometime. Today's a new day. (Insert your own cliches here.)


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