Friday, May 12, 2006

In the Black

BB's to go: 464.3 or $46.43

Reached a milestone this week- for the first time, my total 'roll is over $100, which was my initial deposit on Stars. I split my money into two categories for tourneys and cash games. The big leak is from tourneys. Had I never played them and stuck to ring games, I'd be up forty-three odd bucks.

I'll reach that promised land of OPM (other people's money) once I pass $123, which takes into account the wire transfer and ATM fees. A few weeks, if my pace at the limit tables continues.

Bubbled out of a Stars dollah tourney. Very frustrating, as I'd built up a respectable stack and was really anticipating going deep. Again, flopped two pairs and ran head long into a flopped straight. Two hours of work undone in an instant!

I'm avoiding SNG's and anything with "Turbo" in the title. The structure of the Stars MTT's complements my greatest assets- playing tight and being patient. I'm getting a feel for these games- I wonder how I'd do if i put a little effort into studying strategy?

Speaking of leaks- and I was, trust me-I think I found another one in my limit game. It's a Leak of Comission, i.e., an action I'm taking that is incorrect, as opposed to a Leak of Omission, a failure to act in a correct way.

Specifically, I haven't been paying attention to how aggressive tables have been pre-flop. As a result, I'm often playing speculative hands for two bets that are not worth more than one. For example, I'll play 97 sooted on the button, eventhough the BB makes it a habit of raising in that position. Sklansky suggests this play is correct for one bet, but won't hit often enough to play for two.

In addition, I would play such a hand in late position regardless of how many players were already in the pot. Instead, I need to be conscious of what pre-flop equity my hand is getting. Speculative hands that are not pocket pairs are more competitive in multi-way pots.

So, instead of simply calling/raising because the chart in Small Stakes Hold'em says so, I'm going to have to actually start THINKING.

Damn, this is starting to sound like work.


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