Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Explanation of Benefits

Okay, if you're not interested in a political rant go someplace else.

As an illegal alien in this country, you are NOT entitled to demand the following:
  1. Citizenship
  2. Days off
  3. The right to protest
  4. Welfare
  5. Tax free livin'
  6. Education
  7. Driver's license

This is what you ARE entitled to:

  1. A free ride back to your country of origin.

Look, I'm not against anyone from Africa, Asia, Mexico or anywhere else coming into this country LEGALLY. Got a visa? Get the hell in here, we need you. What you can offer us is everything that immigrants have done for the past two hundred years: vitality, culture, even new DNA to keep the gene pool viable.

I work with people from other countries. The criteria for marrying my daughters doesn't vary by race:

  • Not a bum, lazy, or a cheat
  • Not psychotic or an addict
  • Not a wife beater (sorry Champ)

What really gets me hot are the people who come to the US uninvited, then demand that we not only owe them, but that American citizenship is basically their right. Excuse me? The fact that what you did to get here is termed illegal should probably give you an idea that you don't have a right to be here.

No one is disputing that many illegal aliens work hard. But their willingness to work at below normal wages depresses the job market, killing whatever leverage unskilled American workers have to demand a liveable wage. As a result, they are priced out of the labor market and we're stuck paying more out in welfare and unemployment insurance.

In addition, I'm tired of paying the way for illegal aliens. Higher taxes to pay for swollen welfare rolls and education costs (not to mention the hidden costs of the unpaid payroll taxes that are lost as people are paid under the table) higher insurance costs to make up for uninsured illegals getting health care through the most expensive means possible- emergency rooms, higher car insurance bills to pay for accidents caused by uninsured illegals. The list goes on and on and ON.

If Congress decides on any sort of amnesty or guest worker program, I think the fight to control immigration in this country will be over. The Mexican government has encouraged its citizens to enter the US illegally for years. This will be a message to them to ramp up their efforts. They will be able to tell people wanting to emigrate "Go on and be a squatter, if you have to. It will pay off in the long run."

And, finally, do we really want millions of people who will break the law, then be bold enough to demand special treatment? I think there's enough of those people here already.


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