Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MTT Mass Murder

BB's to go: 1507, or $150.70

The only thing that offset my losing night in the cash game and going out early in a $1 MTT, was going deep in one of Stars' cut-rate ten cent tournaments.

I won one of the most amazing hands I've been involved with. I had an above average stack, but was sitting with an M of about 10, so I was pushing relentlessly. In this hand just about everybody limped, and I went all in with wired 9's on the button. My computer lagged a bit, then caught up all at once. Stacks and stacks of chips sprang up on the table. It looked like a petrified forest or a Roman ruin.

Four players went all in. I had all but one covered, so everyone showed before the flop. I can't remember exactly what each player had, but there was at least one pair of queens and a pair of jacks. There were a dizzying amount of face cards visible.

The flop comes...and it's blank, 9, blank! I actually threw my hands in the air and gave a yelp. I think I heard someone groan somewhere in front of their computers.

The best part of it is, I've got a witness who was checking in to watch the action. I'm sure he'll be sitting around a camp fire soon, telling a group of bright-eyed poker bloggers the story of how I busted out half a table in one hand.

Seriously, is there any literature on turbo MTT strategy? The tourney last night quickly became a push-fest, as the blinds became painfull quickly. I didn't really use much strategy after the first 45 minutes to an hour- I was constantly short stacked and just waited for optimal hands to go all-in with. Towards the end, every hand had someone going all in. I think this method is fine and profitable- as long as you're hitting good enough hands regularly.

So, what's the optimal strategy for this type of tournament?


Blogger Wes said...

One word: PUSH!

10:25 AM  

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