Saturday, April 08, 2006

DOJ Scrutiny?

BB's to go: 93 or $3.72

I got a response from my U.S. Representative concerning the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act that I will post with comments when I have more time.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, or just idiotic, has anyone noticed any visitors from the Department of Justice to your blog?

I was checking my stat tracker account and it listed a visit from the DOJ that lasted over two hours.

I'm sure there's some reasonable explanation (doesn't the person who says that in the movie get always gets framed and sent to jail) but, in today's climate, it took me a bit by surprise. Could this be some pre-research into future law breakers? I think that's unlikely, considering that the anti=gambling bill isn't close to passing.

I imagine there's someone in the DOJ who's a poker player and enjoys reading crappy poker blogs that otherwise don't get any readers.

I'd be interested in learning if you've had similar hits or any info that could shed some light on this.


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