Monday, March 20, 2006

Just some Odds and Ends

I'm probably going to do another information based post in a little bit, but I'm not very motivated at the time being. I'm in the midst of a roll and just riding the wave at the moment. I've won close to 100BB's over the past week and my 'roll's over the half way point towards the goal I need to reach before I move up. I'm back to playing two tables at once. I'm able to keep my concentration at an adequate level so I think it's the right time to try to maximize my success. So far so good.


I'm working on THE most important part of my game now- the chip riffle. I'm making progress. I just know my live game is going to improve when I master this essential skill.


I found a new way to track my general success at limit hold'em on Dutch Boyd's blog:

"If you are a good limit holdem player, you'll win around 60% of your sessions..."

Hey, that's simple. Perhaps not universally accepted, but it doesn't sound that outrageous. Boyd says that he currently wins about 55% of his sessions.

My winning percentage? Well, not to brag, but it's 60%. Okay, Okay. I'm obviously not playing at the same limits as Boyd is, and he probably plays several thousand hands more per day than I have in the past four months, but still, it's nice to get a different perspective on how I'm doing.


I watched Rounders last night. I'm a bit hesitant admitting that. I mean, is it too cliche to say you've watched that movie at this point?


How's this for a kick in the pants? I was just informed by the Chairman of the Russo family Vacation Committee that, not only will she be heading to Reno to help her sister with her new baby in July, but that she will also be going to Vegas in 2007 to help a friend celebrate her 40th birthday.

Will I get to go on either trip? No! Does my wife even gamble? Hell no!

I had a funny conversation with my wife about the Reno trip. She said she wanted to try some slots while she was there. I told her she'd be there to help her sister, not for that kind of fun. She said she would hope her sister and the baby would come along.

"To a casino!?"

She thought for a minute and said "No, I meant at the supermarket."


The poker game I'm putting together in shaping up. There's about eight people in so far, possibly will get a few more for this game and probably a few more at the second game in May/June. It's a mixed group of co-workers, family, neighbors, and our friends. I'm hoping there's a big enough nucleus for a regular game.

Got me some quality chips, a tabletop, and some canceled casino playing cards. Can't wait for April.


I watched most of the first episode of Poker Superstars III the other day and here's my only comment: If Jennifer Tilly and Cyndi Violette are going to be seated at the same table, there's got to be some sort of rule that says they have to soul kiss after each hand.

I'm watching as long as Jennifer's in it and she's wearing that skimpy top she had on, and they let her talk so I can hear that sexy voice of hers.

I could so beat up Phil Laak!


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