Thursday, March 02, 2006

Our Guest for Tonight's Program is...

Want an ego stroke? Get interviewed.

My interview at was great! A lot of good questions and a polite bunch. I've never been interviewed before and it was definitely a unique experience.

Another cool thing, the moderator, Renee Barnes, set up the chat so that people who left were instantly sent to the Chimeraworld 3 page at I wonder if there were any sales last night? I know there'll be at least two, since I gave a copy away as a door prize and I'm going to use the opportunity to buy a copy for myself, which I've been putting off due to laziness.


Had a short, but great night at the tables. Played a half hour of limit before Lost came on.

(By the way, Lost could end up being the best show of all-time, in my book. Well, nothing can beat Seinfeld. Let's say tied for the best. Pray the writers don't jump the shark.)

But I digress.

Flopped big broadway- hey it's PokerStars, that happens about every fifty hands or so-and had two oblivious players who apparently wanted visual proof that I had it. Won two more hands and escaped with 27 big bets. Thats 64BB/hr.

Talk about playing like a Champion. I should go pro. (LOL)


Speaking about the Chumpion, I caught the first three or four hands of the Chicks v. The Champ tournament.

I think his skills were summed up in the first hand: It was folded to him in the small blind. He folded to the big blind. The person in the big blind hadn't shown up yet, so, instead of calling and winning the blinds, he folded and lost to an empty seat!

I made this mistake once, in the first tourney I played. That was enough of a lesson for me not to make it again.

Good luck going pro, brother. I think you're going to do just fine.


Blogger Audrey Shaffer said...

Hey CL, we loved having you join us in the chatroom! Hope you come back again soon.

Just a quick note: the url is

Thanks again!

9:42 PM  

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