Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Leaky 'Roll

This weekend has started a losing stretch at the limit tables. I had the stomach flu and my kidney stone woke up again at about the same time, and I've been playing tired. It's harder to make necessary folds when I'm tired, I find and I can't pay attention to how everyone's playing their hands.

It's frustrating, because I've been rolling over the donks in the .02-.04 games pretty much since I've started. I'm going to play only one game at a time for a while, until I get my focus back.

My SNG play is still awful, although I did finish 14th and bubbled out in 9th place. Playing aggressively is definitely the way to go, although I still bust out early a lot. I guess the point is that I'm building bigger stacks and giving myself more of a shot to do well a little more often than before. Either way, my tourney 'roll will be gone in about two weeks if I don't money soon.

Didn't make weight last week. One upside of the stomach flu is that it's put me within striking distance this week. I'm chomping at the bit to play the World Tavern Poker Tour again- I think I can finish in the points most of the time I play.


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