Monday, January 09, 2006

Nice Weekend

Had a good weekend on the limit tables. I'm not sure how accurate a gauge of my skill this is (I understand I'm not good, I've been playing for $$$ for only two weeks) but I played on a Poker Stars table where it seemed I was the man amongst boys. Finished up an amazing (for me) 51.5 BBs, including a large $1.06 pot (this is .02-.04 limit, remember.)

On Sunday I finished down 6 cents. I'm actually pleased with this, as I was down about a buck and was getting frustrated, but kept my composure and stuck to the plan.

I'm still miserable at the SNG's. I've played about ten so far and finished in the money only the one time. It's like there's a glass ceiling at 16th place. No matter what kind of stack I have, I seem to crap out at 17th place.

What's that? Live poker last Friday? Well, yes, I did play-for about half an hour. I won't bore you with the card by card. Let's just say I had a set of 3's that got out drawn on the river. Second time in a row in the Hardware Bar tourney that I've gone into an all-in showdown with the best hand, only to lose on the river.

My next shot at live poker's this Tuesday at another York bar. It's part of the World Tavern Poker Tour. No money prizes, but a point system to qualify for regional and national tournaments. Just the kind of thing my OCD personality loves keeping track of.

A question: How do I know when I'm ready to play two limit tables at the same time? I understand the key to winning (besides skill) is to play lots of hands, but I'm wondering if I'm skilled enough to be able to give enough attention to two tables at once. Right now, my-limited- playing history shows mostly positive results, with the dips into negative territory much shallower and shorter lived than my winning sessions. I don't really want to mess that up, but I like the appeal of getting more shots at building my fledgling 'roll.

I should probably just try it and see what happens after a week. It's not life and death, for God's sake. Besides, I'm folding between 75-85% of my hands anyway, most of the time I won't have to divide my attention between two played hands.


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