Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tourney news

Played my second ever live tournament- same one I played two weeks ago in York, Pa. I actually made it to the final table and ultimately finished seventh. Not bad, I thought. Was on the brink of busting out a few times only to double or triple up at the last minute. I played super-tight and was successful, but I can see how it's not a winning strategy. The question is, can I become more aggressive? I think it will be a struggle.

I also have my first bad beat story. I was the short stack at the final table and was dealt pocket Jacks. I bet heavily before the flop, and was called by a cute chick who clearly knew what she was doing and a guy who literally looked homeless and was, in my estimation, of borderline intelligence, at best.

The flop was 2d, 8h, 2s. The hottie folded and I had to go all-in, considering my hand and stack situation. The homeless guy had acey-deucey! Couldn't believe he'd played that hand, considering the bet I put in. Oh well, I know over the long run the guy can't win playing like that, but it still irks me. Hell, it's been nearly a week and I'm still thinking about it.

I'm not sure if I'll be playing this week- I'm 8/10's of a pound over last Friday's weight. The funny thing is, I thought "That's not so much, I can probably handle that in a day." Then, I realized, I have to lose 9/10's of a pound to earn my fun. Somehow, that last tenth of a pound seems so much more insurmountable. Oh well, I'm starving myself (relatively) and I'll try to burn up a bunch of calories today. I'll be like the wrestler in Vision Quest! Without the hot older girlfriend.


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