Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tourney Win!

Actually won a play money SNG at Poker Stars! I got lucky to be seated at a table with a complete idiot who had some idiot's luck and built up a moderate stack by going all-in on every hand. I did just like the books say: I waited until I had a decent hand and robbed him two or three times. This put me in the money and I never left.

I was definitely in the zone. I got some great cards, was stealing blinds, bluffing people off pots, mixing up my game, and just dominating in general. My fake bankroll is past 10k now, although it took some hits since I won- three SNG finishes out of the money. Luckily, I'm still ahead in my limit play.

I'm playing LIVE tonight at the Hop in York. It's my birthday in a few days and I decided to treat myself. I'm definitely not going to make weight for this Friday. Christmas and my eldest's birthday were a lot of fun and full of good food- not exactly the right environment in which to diet.


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