Friday, December 30, 2005

Gambling Week in Review

Fantasy Football:

I took third in both the Wannabe and the Phi Kappa Psi Fantasy Football leagues. I also had the best record in the Wannabe league, which is about all I can take away from that one. My unpaid dues and fees were twelve dollars over what I won, so I pretty much played for free. Which is fine for me, I can't afford that league anyway. I don't know if the 20% of the Phi Psi pot I won will cover my fees for that league or not. We'll see.

Overall, I feel pretty good about this season. I dominated Wannabe and scratched back to the best record in my conference until being knocked out by the eventual champion (Rich you are a bastard!)


Played the live games at The Hop and made it to the final table in the 7 o'clock game! I was tired and at an unlucky table in the 10 o'clock game and went out early. I, ahem, did not qualify for Friday poker this week.

I took second in an SNG on Poker Stars last night, which was the capper to a generally down week, both in tourneys and limit poker.

I am trying to send some money to PS vis Western Union today, I should be playing for money in a few days! Shh- don't tell the wife.

On a final note, my daughter was so proud she didn't have a present in her diaper this morning she wanted me to tell everyone. Consider yourself told.


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