Friday, January 13, 2006

Permission Granted

Last week's weight: 270.8
This week's weight: 269.8

Congratulations! You have earned your seat in two live poker events this week!

I'm not exactly sure how this is possible, but I was three pounds lighter this morning than I was last night. Not that I'm complaining!

Had another kick ass day on the Poker Stars limit tables. Just cleaned up- ended up over two dollars! I think the great cards I got and the donks at the tables negating some poor decisions I was making, although I think I was doing better than the day before. Still, too many bets lost in hands that I know are beaten. Why can't I make myself fold, even when my mind screams at me to do so?

At any rate, I've decided there is no feeling like having the nuts and watching someone raise and re-raise into you, then watching a huge pot slide over to your chair.

Tonight, my goal is to last at least an hour in the Hardware Bar tournament. If I do go out early on a bad beat again, my goal will be to not run around babbling and tearing off my clothes.


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