Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wish I had been playing $10-$20

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 284 hands and saw flop:
- 26 out of 34 times while in big blind (76%)
- 8 out of 37 times while in small blind (21%)
- 37 out of 213 times in other positions (17%)
- a total of 71 out of 284 (25%)
Pots won at showdown - 14 of 26 (53%)
Pots won without showdown - 6

Playing time: 3.75 hrs
2 Games of .02-.04 limit on Pokerstars
Total winnings: $1.54- 10.3BB/hr

I've decided to quit my job and go pro. Then, I'm going to use my millions to build a rocket ship and start my own colony on Mars!

I would've done better, but I seem to start each session losing money. At some point, I have to remind myself to put more thought into each situation and actually count outs and pot odds, then the losing slows down and I start winning more pots. Also, it takes me some time to relax playing two tables at once.

Finally, I noticed I improved my post-flop decision making abilities as time went on. Continuing on with hands I suspect are beaten is still my biggest weakness. I'm trying not to be too concerned about whether I would've won or not. Actually, playing two tables helps with this, because when I make a tough fold, I can switch to the other game and ignore the outcome of the first one.

It's funny, I seem to hit the same hands at the same time when playing two tables. For example, I hit QT on one game, then hit it on the other game as the first hand was wrapping up. That's a 1 in 168 chance. Also, the cards died on me at about the same time (I literally fought sleep for about twenty minutes as I clicked "fold" over and over again.) Then I went on a rush on both sites at the same time. I don't necessarily think the game is rigged, but it is odd, especially the same hand thing.

Anyway, I feel pretty confident playing two tables. The issues with my game are the same and aren't necessarily made worse by an added game. My winnings, at least yesterday, were certainly amplified with the extra action. I can see playing three games at some point, but I'm going to consciously resist the temptation, as I don't really want to risk getting in over my head and taking an unnecessarily big hit to the 'roll.


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