Wednesday, February 01, 2006

REALLY Ready for the WSOP

Took fourth in my World Tavern Poker Tour tourney last night! Dragging ass this morning (home by 1am, up for work at 5:15am) but it's worth it.

I was the luckiest luckbox last night. First hand, drew to the nut straight. Later, went all-in with top pair 10's, heads-up against two pair (10's and 7's) and hit an eight on the river to make a better two pair.

There I was, with sixteen players left and blinds at 5/10k. I was in the big blind with T1000 left (the smallest chip denomination, so I was literally down to my last chance.) I plunked it down and caught pocket Q's. Tripled up.

In the SB with three thousand, caught pocket 7's, made two pair. Tripled up again to 12K. The next hand I fold, three people bust out and I'm on to the final table, where I catch the ace and end up dealer, giving me the most number of hands possible before being blinded off.

Somehow, there were only eight people at the final table and four of them busted out before the BB came to me. Blinds were 10/20k at this point and I'm forced all-in. So, what do I do? I'm dealt A9o and catch a nine on the flog. Double me up again!

And that's pretty much where it fizzles out. I go all in in the small blind with QJ and lose to a pair of aces. I think I'll earn about 6500 points, which I'm estimating will put me in the top twenty in that venue's rankings. Once I play again I'll have enough tournies in to earn a regional ranking.

Luck aside, I'm pretty happy with my play. Tight was right, but didn't get me a big schtack. I think, though, I pretty much maximized my winnings. There's no buying pots in these tournies, someone will always call. I remember only one hand that I'm sure I would've won if I hadn't folded, but I wouldn't have stuck with it, considering the betting, long enough to make the hand.

So, this is the second final table in four tries, and three in-the-points finishes out of four. I'm pretty happy about that. Now, I need to find a way to build schtack so I can be competitive at the end, instead of depending on fickle luck!


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