Monday, February 13, 2006

Let's Get Caught Up, Shall We?

Whewww, that was a long two weeks! Where have I been you ask, my intrepid and (probably imaginary) reader?


I had surgery to remove that damned kidney stone and it worked. Not only did I avoid a return visit to the ICU, but I'm free of that fucking piece of titanium that was clogging up the old pee works.

I was in pain and sick from the percocet I was taking most of last week and really didn't feel like posting. I didn't play as much poker as usual either. It was my interest more than my ability that declined. This could be the start of the end for this hobby. Hopefully not. If anything, I'm finding online play boring, even when I'm winning. Live play is much more fun and I still want to play in a casino some time.

Ironically enough, my play has been pretty good. I took second in an 18 person SNG on Poker Stars worth ten bucks, and I'm on the winning side of variance in my limit play. Still seems like quite a daunting task to add thirty dollars (300xBB at .05-.10) to my 'roll so I can move up to the next level. I've got about twenty-three bucks to go before I make it. I've cut that down to about nineteen dollars at one point, but I see reaching this goal as a long, loooong haul.

I want to do it right, though. I don't want to move up too soon and get pounded. For one, I really want to make it up to at least $2-$4 and be successful to earn some extra income and jumping levels too soon won't help me do that. Second, if I move up and get killed, I'll probably give up. Wuss? Yes, but a realistic one at least.


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