Monday, February 27, 2006

Interview at Writer's Chatroom

So, I'll be interviewed live at this Wednesday at 10pm. It's two hours, and I hope I can stay awake long enough! It'll be a good chance to pimp Chimeraworld #3 and The Liquid Laughter Project.

Speaking of publicity, my name is up on Amazon! Sure, it's only the Table of Contents for Chim #3, but it looks cool anyway. Never really thought that would happen.

What I've decided to do is punch up some of my stories and submit them. I'm not up for any new projects right now. The main thing holding me back is the thought of putting another two months of sweat into writing a story to face six, eight, ten months of waiting for a rejection letter. I know it's just the way it works, but I don't have the patience for it right now. It will come back, I'm sure. Whether it's this year or five years from now is the question.


I'm kicking around the idea of starting up a home game with a neighbor. Right now I've got three probables and two maybes.

Wifey no likey. I think, though, if it isn't too often, not for a lot of dough, and I don't host it each time, she might be more amenable.

While my tourney play just sucks, I did manage to money in Pokerstar's 10 cent tourney last night. Won a whopping .28 (net.) I'm either only playing those tournaments or freerolls from now on. I'm simply not good enough at them to warrant spending any more money.

Two nights ago I had a session where variance balanced the books. I had Big Slick five times and either folded or lost each time. My flushes never filled in (hard to achieve on 'Stars) and neither did my straights. Ended up down about $1.25 (31 big bets.)

I felt like I played pretty well too. I'm getting pretty good at counting outs, except for the more subtler ones, and I don't really think I called too much down when I knew I had the worst hands. When I did, it was because the pot was simply too big to fold. I'm not stupid enough to think that I didn't make mistakes, but it just seemed to me that the cards weren't there for me.

Last night I played worse, but ended up ahead. I'm trying to incorporate what Sklansky, Malmuth, and Miller say about defending draws in small stakes games and it tripped me up here and there. At first, I couldn't decide if they meant I should defend strong draws even without good pot odds. Mid session I decided to scrap that and simply fold when I don't have the right odds.

Here's my thinking: Strong draws: nut-flush draws and flush draws using both pocket cards; open ended straight draws; and flush and straight draws with good redraw possibilities will have enough outs and claim enough pot equity to warrant defending with bets and raises. Those that don't aren't strong enough to play.

Weaker draws become defensible when the pot is large and multiway.

I'm sorry if this is obvious information to some of you. Hey, I'm new to this! What do you expect?

Can anyone help me with this?


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