Friday, March 17, 2006

F***k Poker Star's SNG's!

Goddamned sit-n-gos! Got hosed in two of them today. Never again. No no no! I'm sticking with the .10 cheapskate tourneys or the freerolls. First, went all in with top two pair against a pair of K's. Hit runner runner deuces and I'm out (Sure, he had about nine realistic outs, but come on, can't a brother get a break) Next one, I go all in early with a pair of aces with a king kicker. Get called by someone with AQ. Turn, blank. River-wait for it!- yes, a Q. So I lost more money in half an hour than I made in two days at the limit tables. To top it off, blogspot won't even let me hit return so I can put this post into proper paragraphs! Boo hoo!


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