Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Poker Goals/Why I Spend My Time Seeing Flops

I'm going to start keeping a running log of my progress towards my bankroll goal of $30 (300BB's at .05-.10.) Giggle if you want at the small stakes, I couldn't care less.

BB's to go: 275 or 11 dollars.

I enjoy poker for a few reasons. I can access it every day, it's inexpensive, and I can partake even if I have less than an hour to myself. It's a mental challenge and I enjoy how it forces me to think in a thorough and analytical manner. It definitely meets my needs for competition.

Mostly, I enjoy it because I can teach myself to become better. Being self-taught and successful is appealing, which has led me to some of my past hobbies like golf and writing. I can see the improvement in my poker game, simply from reading and experience. It's been a steep learning curve because I started without the general mindset of the betting man- I realize it's going to flatten out and I'll have to put more effort into study, etc.

My main goal is to become as good as I can at poker. That's why I'm playing at a lower limit than I can afford. I want to do it right, put in the time, pay the dues, whatever. I'm not going to try the quick route, get pillaged, and abandon poker out of frustration. I'll know when I'm ready to move up- my bankroll and my playing log will let me know.

With success, I will realize my second goal: a steady side income. I'm not looking to sit down at a 200/400 table, I'm not looking to make the final table at the WSOP main event (although I wouldn't pass up a chance to play in it.) I want to be that anonymous guy at the 2/4 or 5/10 table who's quietly grinding out a few big bets per hour. I want to be able to sit down at a table in AC, have fun and not be scared money.

I'm a social worker. One or two hundy a month would answer a lot of questions in the Russo home. If I have to take things slow to increase my chances of making my goals happen, I'm willing to do it.

And I will do it. The game is starting to make more sense to me. I can be disciplined and attentive enough to win. I'm confident in my ability to manage my 'roll and I'm not scared of losing money.

I would bust my grandmother if she sat at my table.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Good luck. I started with $50 until I now have near 1k. Its damn hard though, especially at the lower levels. But I understand why you are doing it this way. There is somethign to be said for earning your way up. Good luck,

8:03 AM  
Blogger CraigNY said...

Take your time and progress through each level until you are comfortable (and have the proper bankroll) to move to the next one. If things go south, drop back down a level. The progression upward is rewarding as you see your bankroll grow, and the leap to each new level is a nice benchmark of achievement. I started at $5+.50 SNGs 6 months ago, and I'm now four and six-tabling $50+5's. You are going about this exactly the right way. Good luck!

2:50 PM  

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