Tuesday, April 25, 2006

At the Top of the Mountain!


Go CL, it's your birthday, go CL, it's your birthday!

I have done the unimaginable, the unattainable! I've made it to territory no other poker player has ever dreamed of! Yes, I have built my limit HE 'roll to thirty whole dollars and I am moving up to the airy heights of five and ten cent limit!

Dealt K 10 offsuit UTG. Bet and called one raise pre-flop, with four participants. Flopped a ten and bet. Three folders, one caller. Turn is a king. Bet, my opponent folds, and I'm in the promised land!

Played half an hour at .05-.10 and made $1.08. I could get used to this!

Here's my final .02-.04 stats:

Total hands played: 11.6k
BB's earned: 300
BB's/100 hands: 2.6

Now, only 1500 BB's to go to move up to .25-.50!

Actually it's:

BB's to go: 1489.2 or $148.92

Wish me luck!


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