Thursday, June 01, 2006

Heat Renders Fat Man Immobile

BB's to go: 667.7 or $66.77

It's true, the heat ground me down until I couldn't do more than lay on the couch under our ceiling fan. The air conditioner was broken and it was 82 degrees in our bedroom on Monday night.

I took the day off on Tuesday because I hadn't slept in two days and I wanted to get the AC fixed pronto. I waited until noon for the contractor the home warranty company uses to call me back. I was told by a cheerily voiced young woman (who was probably enjoying her office's air conditioning) that no one could come out until Wednesday evening. No amount of pleading and begging was able to change her opinion.

By the time the Mistress returned from work with the Squirtlins, my uterus was swollen and achey. I jumped at my wife's suggestion to go to a hotel for the night.

Ah! Sweet hotel air conditioning. Takes a long time to warm up, but cools down the room to near freezing levels once it gets going. So, after a nice night's sleep, a complimentary breakfast, and a days work, I return to our baking house on Wednesday afternoon.

The HVAC guy is supposed to be there by 5:30. At 5:45 I imagine that he's probably running late with an earlier job. At 6pm, I think the same thing, but give him a call anyway. The guy answers and tells me that he's running late.

Fine, no problem.

Not satisfied, the guy tells me how they don't usually schedule appointments after 4:30 and that he's doing me a favor.

Excuse me? If I understand capitalism, I'm doing him the favor by giving him my business. Plus, I wanted him here on Tuesday, not late on Wednesday. Had the situation been different, I'd have told him these things and risked him cancelling altogether. But my vagina was really ouchy by then and only artificially cooled air would make it feel better.

Finally, the guy arrived and fixed our AC. This morning, our bedroom was a cool, comfortable seventy degrees. Ah, technology!

One side effect of this 'crisis' is that our house was too hot to use the computer. Not only couldn't I compute, but I couldn't play poker either! So it was a relief to log on last night and get a small win under my belt.

I used the non-poker time to do some poker reading. I've learned a bit on how to play overcards, and discovered that I'm not only not using the correct starting hands, but I'm losing money by not raising nearly as much as I should.


The home game is this weekend. Only five people playing, but we may be having it at a house party, so hopefully we'll get some drunkies in the tournament or the cash game. I'm not sure everyone will want to have the game there, which will leave me in a quandry. I should've simply made the decision. I'm too much of a consensus builder sometimes.


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