Monday, July 03, 2006

Weekend Review

How do you know it's been a good weekend?

When Friday seems like a month in the past.

I'm feeling really good today- better rested than I have in quite a while. We spent Saturday outside running a yard sale. I always thought that baby clothes were a hot seller at these things, but not for us, apparently. Everybody wanted boy clothes. When someone asked if we had boy clothes, I'd gesture to the mountains of clothes we had and say "Look at all these clothes, do you think there's a boy child in this house?"

My best customer was the grandma with "love" and "hate" tattooed on her hands. Classic. She was very much in love with her grandson, though, and bought him a bunch of the baby toys we had out.

The kiddies were worn out after being outside all morning and retired after lunch for a THREE HOUR nap! Woo-hoo! I joined them. Then, it was out to dinner and a great ride around the country and down to the Susquehanna River to check out the flooding. The river was still high, but back within its banks. We found a park by the water and played a bit, then watched some ducks near the shore.

On Sunday, we were outside again working in the yard. The Mistress and I put in a hopscotch court (pitch? field?) using pavers and crushed rock. It sounds odd, but it looks really neat. The monkeys play hopscotch as part of their gymnastic classes and they liked it.

After that, guess what? Another three hour Russo family siesta! Ah, sweet sleep. I felt so rested I cook dinner: turkey breast, wild rice, and creamed spinach. The Mistress wanted to keep the girls up late because she's off tomorrow and wanted them to sleep in, so they went to the basement and watched a movie after dinner. I snuck away and played a spot of poker. I capped off the weekend by actually getting to bed at a decent hour and getting eight hours of sleep, which is simply unheard of for me.

Me likey Party Poker! The 'beginner's tables' are a fish processing plant. What a service for players with a clue! I'm up about 30BB's in a week at the .25/.50 limit tables. I think I'll keep playing there.

Also, Jordan suggested I check out poker source's instant bankroll. I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Free money? I'm there.


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