Monday, July 17, 2006


In the face of near triple digit temps and heat indexes, the Russo family decided to abandon the house today and go to Granny's, who has at least some air conditioning. The weekend was more bearable heat-wise than we thought it would be, but there were some rough spots.

Here are some things that just don't work well in the heat:

  1. Cleaning. Got the house cleaned up for the home game on Saturday, but man did that suck. You could trace my work by following the drops of sweat everywhere.
  2. Eating. In addition to the dehydration, heat kills the appetite. Anything other than a small meal makes you feel sick.
  3. Showering. I was like George Costanza in the Seinfeld episode where his showers didn't "take." I showered in the AM on Saturday and felt like I'd been living in a jungle for a week by the afternoon.
  4. Pooping. The highest ambient temperature for the comfortable relieving of one's bowels is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything higher than 80 mandates the removal of all of one's clothing prior to deuce droppage.

Yes, I am a spoiled American. I'd chop down a forest right now if it meant getting my air-conditioning back today.


Played the Hardware Bar on Friday night. Did a bit better than last time, but out during the second round. Here's a summary of my playable hands.

22: In the BB. Folded to a raise.

22: In the cutoff. Folded to a raise after missing the flop.

Pocket 10's: Raised to 3x's the BB pre-flop and won it right there.

Big slick: Hit a K on the flop, won after raising 5x's the BB. My opponent commented on how I must've had something because I've been so tight. Surprisingly, this table was tight all around, with rarely more than three people seeing the flop on average.

J,10s: UTG. I misplayed this hand. My standard 3x's the BB bet was called by the big blind. Hit a ten on the flop, the BB checked/called my half-pot raise. An undercard on the turn and the BB checked again. I had it in my head that he either had me out-kicked or had overcards. I checked behind him when I should've overbet the pot. The river is another under and the BB check calls me.

He shows me J-8o for his rivered straight. I didn't spend enough time reading the board and missed that there was the possibility that he had a an OESD, on the turn, which is what he had. I don't like his pre-flop call with such a crappy hand, but, if I'd paid more attention, I'd have protected my hand a little better. Hindsight.

Big Slick, suited: The same guy puts in a hefty bet of twenty-five hundred pre-flop. My stack is hurting and there's no doubt I'm at least going to call. I'd be left with only about 1500 in chips though, so I go all in. He shows me his aces and I show myself out.

All in all, I fell not to bad about how I played. Also, the hottie shot-waitress and I have an inside joke because I always say I'm going to buy a shot but never do. If I was fifteen years younger, thinner, in better shape, six inches taller, dressed better, could spit some game, was single, and could get her drunk, I might be able to get a date out of her.

Saturday was Poker Night III: No Excuses! We had five people show. I was out in second, even though I started out doing pretty well. I aggressed and was rewarded. I stole blinds like a crook. I pushed my edges.

Then, I got cocky and started playing some hands I usually discard. Like A-rag. Then, I found myself out of the money. I've yet to win any dough in my own game.

We had a new person play this week, one of my neighbors. He'd pestered my other neighbor about playing, even though he claimed not to know which hands beat which. Sort of gave himself away by coming in second.

I was suspicious about the guy before and my hunch was confirmed the first time he dealt. True newcomers NEVER know to burn a card before dealing out the board. This guy did though. Also, he would ask "is it to me?" instead of "is it my turn?"

No biggie though. I don't think he's THAT good, unless he wasn't giving it his all.

Won two bucks back in the cash NL game afterwards.

Two people didn't show, and one of them is being deleted from the game's e-letter. Got a few more possible people to add though. At some point, there's going to be twenty-thirty people at my house, and then what am I going to do?

Sunday was on-line poker day. First session, won about six bucks. Second session, the rubber band finally snapped back and I dropped about thirty BB's, mostly on my quad 8's losing to quad jacks, then donking with my jacks full losing to, yes, quad jacks again. Add to that some card deadness and complete missage of the flops and there you are.

It was bound to happen. I've been red-hot lately and I was bound to even the books. Variance, to me, is like geology. A streak either way builds up pressure, like at a faultline. Once the pressure reaches the breaking point, there's an earthquake, or series of earthquakes and the pressure is relieved. Hopefully, the hosing I took has relieved enough pressure and I can get back to normal. I hope I'm not due for the carnage of a few weeks ago.

(I know, variance isn't really like that. But it's a neat analogy anyway, right?)


Blogger iamhoff said...

It's hot here too, and we gots no a/c. Number 4 (or was that number 2?) is spot on. Is it too geigh to bring a small fan into the crapper to move some foul air around?

Keep grinding, man. Variance finally caught you? Variance has been with me all month, and I'm ready for it to leave! No faults with the way you were playing, and get a pic of the waitress next time!

6:18 PM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

Geigh? I say essential. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks hoff. I'll see about the waitress pics.

7:07 PM  
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