Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wildwood Impressions and RSC

Ah, beach vacations! The sun, the beach, my loving family, ogling hotties in bikinis, laughter, memories, the lights of the boardwalk.

Mmmm...hotties in bikinis.

A Sampling of T-shirts for sale on the Wildwood Boardwalk:

1. "Real Boobs"
2. "When da police are around...Warn A Brotha!" (With a Warner Bros. logo in the background)
3. "I'm Sotally Tober!"
4. "Who Let the Mexicans Out?"

The best overheard cell phone conversation:

"Yeah, that's right, 7500 dollars. Half now, half upon delivery."

That was said by the shady Italian guy in the room next to ours. He spent the better part of a night making phone calls outside our room that suggested that he was either trying to set up a deal or was an out of work wiseguy trying to hook up with another crew. Yeah, a generalization based on his ethnicity, but I'm a guinea wop too, so I'm allowed, nigga.

Here's some free advice: If you're a sixty-something, chainsmoking retired factory worker, the question "Should I wear my bikini?" IS ALWAYS NO!

Only in New Jersey: We were walking along the beach when the Mistress nudges me. "Look at that!" she said, pointing to the sand. There was a clear circular, something, on the sand.

"It's a jellyfish," I said.

"No," the Mistress replied. "It doesn't look like a jellyfish, it's too clear. It looks like a...a..."

"No, it doesn't.."

"...a breast implant!"

Considering where we were and the history of medical waste appearing on the beaches in south Jersey, I admit that I was almost convinced. Finally, we dissected the thing with a shell and discovered that it wasn't silicone, but jellyfish.

Later that day, the Big Monkey collected a whole bucketful of the clear nasties and dumped them at the feet of her grandmother. Ahh, the laughs we had!


Now sit back, relax, and let the warm currents of my Aimless Stream of Consciousnesstm wash over you:

Frank DeFord had a commentary today on NPR about legalizing sports betting in general, and on the internet in particular. His take: legalize, tax, and regulate it, we're all going to do it anyway. I sort of came in on it midstream, so I don't know if he mentioned poker, but I believe the poker cause is helped by this.

DeFord's said that, yes, people will become addicted, but people become addicted to alcohol and tobacco and those are heavily regulated and taxed, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. He also said that people who feel his view doesn't show enough 'caring,' need to realize that society doesn't care enough about people to demand a liveable wage for people, or provide health care for everyone.


Personally, I think the internet gambling legislation will pass. There's enough support on both sides of the aisle to get it done, and, in this closely divided Senate, you don't need that many swing voters to get a bill pushed through. Also, the disgraceful GOP is going to whiff on a lot of the bigger legislation this close to the elections, and the anti-gambling bill is perfect for them to try to seem like they're both effective and on a first name basis with Jesus.

It feels wrong to say this, but I think the only chance of it not passing is if the Congress gets tied up into a big debate about new anti-terrorism legislation. Even then, they could tack it onto a bill the Dems can't vote against, like their cynical and shameful attempt to do so with the minimum-wage hike.


The Mistress has told me that under no circumstances will I be allowed to circumvent any anti-gambling legislation that passes. There are times when I know I have wiggle room. This is not one of those times.


AC is a no-go this weekend. I doubt we're going to get a poker player room-rate and we don't have the money to pay full price. Also, we just got back from that neck of the woods and the thought of driving out there and back for one night isn't that appealing. I'm going to set up a weekend in October. I think the somewhat higher stakes I'm playing now is providing enough adrenaline to keep me satisfied.

We still have a monkey-free weekend ahead of the us! I predict some reading, relaxing, movies, a dinner out, and some Mistress-centered freakiness.


Dragged a seventeen buck pot last night! That's my personal online record. Lost a 25 dollar pot as well. Had pocket queens against three opponents with flushes and straights possible on the board. Check-raised the turn and got criticized for it by someone else after the hand.

He/she was probably right, but my thinking was that the pot was quite large by then and I figured I was still probably drawing live and I wanted to knock some people out of the pot. Given the opportunity, I should have bet out. Optimally, I would have liked to straight raise instead of check raise, and force people to call two bets instead of calling an additional one, but I didn't have that chance. Next time I talk to Sklansky I'll ask if I did the right thing.

BTW, the winner had two pair on an unpaired board. He put in four bets pre-flop with 6-7 sooted, so I WAS drawing live to a set and to counterfeit his hand. Still, the check raise probably wasn't a great idea, decision-wise.


All in all, I do notice some difference in the play at .25/.50 and .50/1.00. Many more hands are won before a showdown, and there seem to be more players playing mostly premium hands. Still, there are still donkeyfish out there.


My jedi-mind tricks continue to work. I got another calling station to rebuy after busting out. Yay, me!


I like Netflix (I hope I don't give anyone whiplash with this sudden topic change) but there's something that bugs me. To get the most from our money, I now feel obligated to watch movies as soon as possible to get more DVD's per month. We have "Hero" now, and the Mistress is hounding me to watch it so we can get it back into the mail.

There's nothing I hate more than feeling I 'have' to do a recreational activity. It sort of takes all the fun out of it.

That's it for now. Dismissed!


Blogger Grinder said...

I dont think the bill will pass. for some unknon reason I thing the Senate actually READS the bills (as opposed to the House).

There is enough vagueness to steer all but the REAL Neo-cons.

12:19 PM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

I hope so. I'm addicted.

5:47 PM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

I mean, I hope the bill DOESN'T pass.

5:48 PM  

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