Thursday, August 31, 2006

Now THAT's Refreshing

Ah, did I sleep well last night! You know those nights where you go to sleep and then wake up almost immediately, like you’ve been in a coma? I feel ten years younger (the cuppa joe didn’t hurt either.)

The Mistress reports that I snored loud enough to shake the house. I told her she should’ve nudged me awake and she said that she did. Oh well. My theory about snoring is this:

1. I didn’t hear me, so I’ll only tentatively agree that said snoring actually occurred.
2. It didn’t wake me up. So what’s all the fuss?

Actually, we both snore loudly. I’ve been downstairs watching TV when her Mistressness is taking a nap and thought “What is that noise?” only to go upstairs and be buffeted by the loudest, most painful snoring I’ve ever heard. I’ve woken her up a few times because I’m afraid she’ll stop breathing.

Apnea? I know I personally can’t sleep on my back anymore. I don’t hear her actually stop breathing, and she doesn’t snore every night, so I’m going to say no to that.


Had two much more satisfying, if not completely satisfying, hold’em sessions last night. Played about an hour each of .5/1 on Party and .25/.50 at Stars. Won about six or seven dollars total. In both instances, I ran up a good bit, then slowly whittled it away. I had the presence of mind to stop while I was in the black for both sessions. Also played some funny-money HORSE and came out ahead, thanks to the luck of the ignorant (me) in PLO and Razz.

I know the Grinder has noticed that Party is now pretty tight. What I was surprised at was how loose Stars has been recently. Sure it was still a penny ante table, but I’ve always found Stars to be much tighter. The table I sat at was routinely 4-5-6 limpers to a flop and had the worst players. Took down a 12+ dollar pot (24BB!) Those are the type of games I like. I’ll put my good pre-flop and serviceable post-flop play against the chance of being sucked out on every time. I can play more of those marginal hands for one bet that can net huge pots. Mmmmm…huge pots.

In contrast, Party has become 2-3 to a pot, usually with a pre-flop raise. Tough for someone who’s still closer to a neophyte than an expert.


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