Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Tuesday was Poker Night last night. Started early and was up about 18BB's for awhile. Ended the night after hitting my loss limit of 10BB's. Very frustrating.

I'm trying to analyze my play and I can't put a finger on what happened. I got sucked out on a few times. I got stuck in at least one large pot where I just had to call down. Turned out I sucked out, then got resucked out on on the river. I have a suspicion that I'm betting out and calling in small pots too often, but I can't say this definitively.

Two things I screwed up for sure were my concentration and my 'roll management. Hard to play well when you're reading blogs and downloading fight videos from youtube. Also, my winnings had whittled down to about 3BB's and I decided to press on, instead of locking in the win. On the one hand, I had reason to believe that I was going to win more, but my concentration was so bad that I should've counted my blessings and stopped.

Oh well. Today's a different day. I'm starting to turn a mental/emotional corner in that I know, even though the heater's over and I've not been an overall winner for the last few days, that I will win again and I have a good chance of increasing the roll in the future.

Two funny things that happened last night. I couldn't get anyone engaged in a conversation at my table, until I pondered out loud if I was playing with a table full of 'bots. I never thought this would be such a touchy subject, but everyone chimed in to make sure I knew they were humans.

After taking my limit lumps, I played some funny money Razz. (That game seems really pretty easy to me, so I'm sure I'm in danger of getting seriously hurt playing it.) There was a guy talking with someone else about how he wants to play in the Sunday Millions and how he thinks he can take it down. He said he'd probably just buy in because the satellites are full of really good players. I have no idea how he thought that those good players wouldn't end up in the main event. I commented about how funny it is to hear someone at a play money Razz table saying how he thinks he can win the big one. The guy got all pissy and said how he was having a private conversation with his friend. He said how he'd made a final table at a MTT before.

Me: "A dollar tournament?"

Him: Pause. "3 dollar"

Me: "High Roller."

Him: "What do you know?"

Me: "I know I wouldn't be playing funny money Razz if I was good at high stakes tournaments."

Me: "High roller."

Internet harrassment can be fun sometimes.


Blogger Michael said...

They probably were bots. The human version that plays 10 tables at once and essentially acts like a bot, that is. ;-)

2:12 AM  

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