Monday, August 28, 2006

Fantasy Football Draft

It's 88 degrees in my office today. Fucking second-rate office space. Now I'll have to drop a deuce in less than optimal conditions. The proper temperature for this activity is 72 degrees F or lower. Preferably lower.

Last Saturday was draft day for one of my two Fantasy Football Leagues. I got into this one through a neighbor. Draft day for this league is boring. People take way too much time making picks, and everyone is so serious that there is very little conversation. It doesn't help that most of the people don't know each other that well.

On the other hand, I took third or fourth last year which covered my entry fees with a bit left over.

Here's as much of my line-up as I remember:


Tom Brady

RB: Obviously, Alexander's a stud. Jones and Bell are in RB by committee situations. Betts might start, but possibly not, if Portis gets healthy or TJ Duckett starts. He should get some goal line work, though. There is very little value at this position, in my opinion, after the first two rounds.

Saun Alexander
Julious Jones
Tatum Bell
Ladell Betts

WR: Aging Ward was my first WR pick and was probably a mistake. Aging Galloway I picked up a couple rounds later and I was happy with that, although he is admittedly still a gamble. Lloyd and Edwards are flyers, quite frankly. I passed up on Lee Evans and I'm not happy about that. This is my weakest position, I think.

Hines Ward
Joey Galloway
Brandon Lloyd
Braylon Edwards


Tony Gonzalez- Will he return to form?


Neil Rackers: This is my way of getting on the Cardinals bandwagon.


Tampa Bay: The Sports Illustrated cheat sheet had the Bucs as second or third ranked, but others I saw (after I drafted them) had them much lower. Oh well. I heard today that there is very little difference in total points between the best and worst D's.

Overall, I'm not that disappointed in this draft. My GM strength comes from picking up free agents in the first few weeks of the season. I'll let you know how I do.


How do you know when your heater is over?

When you can only win money playing Razz.

But, CL, didn't you JUST make this statement?

Make no mistake, you will not find me playing Razz for money in the near, intermediate, or far future...

Shut the fuck up, you. Stupid lack of discipline.

Yep, the heater is over. It's funny how, when I'm on a run, I feel almost like I can read the whole table. I know where I stand when I'm in a hand and I seem to have no problem knowing when to fold or bluff.

When I start losing, though, I feel like I'm starting as a beginner again. Forget the marginal hands I get and play correctly, but have to give up when they hit the flop, and the daggers on the river that kill my winning hands. In fact, I didn't have many suckouts at all over the last few days.

I mean I'm not laying hands down when I should. I'm making marginal calls when I should be folding. I'm bluffing or trying to take the blinds before I have reads on my opponents. I'm taking too many risks that were probably bad decisions but were not hurting me when my luck was good.

So, my goals for this week are discipline, 'roll management, and attention. My cutoff is -10BB's. I'm comfortable getting stuck for more when I'm running good, but I'm not confident I can dig myself out when I'm on a downswing. Plus, my frustration level rises when I'm stuck on a downswing and I seriously risk getting too loose and wild.


Blogger czechrazor said...

force yourself to play Lee Jones ABC style limit poker for 3 or 4 orbits. take notes on each player and how they play from the blinds. make notes of hands they called down with.

this should help. what you're doing is the most common thing people do during a bad run. they loosen up in the hopes they hit more hands and win back what they lost prior.

but, that only leads to more losing.

12:51 PM  

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