Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mind Purge

Oh, baby! The dam just burst and a torrent of Aimless Stream of ConsciousnessTM is about to stomp a mudhole in your ass! Yeeeeaaaah boyeeeee!

Stick with it, there's poker content in there, I swear:

Isn't there a law against me doing so bad in fantasy football? I (used to) have an undefeated record on opening day.

I'm 2-0 today.

Oh well. A lot of this is a crapshoot. Who'd have thought Alexander would stink it up today? And Galloway went without a catch. Tony Gonzalez had a good start to the season, as did Anquan Boldin and Julius Jones, so I'm not exactly going to write the rest of the year off.

As long as we're talking about football, for Chrissakes, enough with the Manning vs. Manning showdown. I realise not even Stephen Hawkings could have imagined something as earth shattering as two brothers squaring off against each other but-

Oh, wait, Tiki and Ronde Barber. And they actually squared off against each other, as one played offense and the other defense.

I really don't think Payton v. Eli is worth maudlin, piano-laden human interest stories, with Chris Collinsworth tonguing the Manning clan's collective a-hole.

The Mistress and I have decided we want to go to Reno/Lake Tahoe/San Fran next year. Yes, there will be poker (oh yessss) but it's a family trip. Anyone have any suggestions about things to do and good, somewhat inexpensive places to stay in SF?

...oh, and where are the best cardrooms in Reno? Just asking, you know, out of curiosity.

I looked over my log and was surprised to see the winning run I've been on for the week. Alot of tense sessions where I'm done a bunch, then eke out a little win. This weekend, though, I've won over $30 at .50/1 and around $10 at .25/.50. My 'roll's over the $300 mark for the first time.

It's either feast or famine with me. I think I'm learning to deal with downswings a bit better, at least.

Pardon me if I don't find Clonie Gowan all that hot. A MILF? Yeah, I give you that one. Little long in the tooth for me, though.

And that's about if as far as poker content goes. I suck, but I don't have the time to get all analytical on your asses. And, God help me, I'm not all that interesed in doing it. I'm busy at work, and my home computer time is poker-dominated, especially when I'm winning.

Okay, tough guy, I'm writing this as I play, and I might be able to do so in the future, but I can't exactly write a treatise on the benefits of protecting your middle pair in a large pot while I watch flops. (Short version: you should)

Also, I'm just not knowledgeable enough to pass myself off as a teacher. I can parrot Sklansky's SSHE, but I can neither analyze it critically or expand upon it. At best I can apply it.

Speaking of knowledge, one of the top things I want to learn is how to figure out what my pre-flop equity is. I'm trying to break free of the paint-by numbers (although very good) guidelines provided in SSHE. I haven't found any charts offering these stats that I trust.

Is there one anyone can recommend, or is there no way around crunching hands through a poker stats application?

I have realized one thing, and it's given me a little more leeway pre-flop, is that SSHE's recommendations for loose v. tight games can be switched out based on my position and number of people in the pot IN EACH HAND.

In the past, I was determining if a table was tight or loose and then sticking with that assumption until I saw a trend in the other direction. Now, if I'm on the button, for example, and there're six limpers before me, I have a wider variety of hands I can play.

Why? Because my pot equity is higher. If there are six others in the pot, I only need to win one in seven times to break even, as opposed to one in three times if the table is playing tight that hand.

I know, I know, elementary stuff. I knew what pre-flop equity was, but I wasn't using my noggin to apply it outside of what I'd read in SSHE. I think this can only mean I'm growing. Now, what I need to do, is learn what pot equity I can expect out of potentially playable hands, and I can fine tune my hand selection even further.

If complaining how I can't write anything of substance and following it up with something that has some (slight) heft to it isn't Aimless Stream of ConsciousnessTM, then I don't know what is.

C'mon railbird, come back! You can't get us hooked then take our drugs away! I MUST see pros donk off huge pots then complain like the assholes I deal with in micro-limit land.

Ah, the Great York Interstate Fair! (Wind it up and it Runs Nine Days!) There's no better place to experience fat hick chicks in too-tight acid washed jeans, fat urban chicks in the latest "Ghetto Slut" attire, and carnies ogling your wife's boobs.

No, honestly, we had a good time, even though I may have to turn in my man card. One of the main purposes of the York Fair is to eat. A lot. I was geared up for fried this, frozen that, and maybe even a little barbeque this.

I started with what a light appetizer of fried veggies. Let me warn you, fellow fair goers, fried veggies, or as I'll forever refer to them "gut stuffer," is a fool's bet, a siren song. I was freakin' full to the gills after the last mushroom and it's golden-hued crispy shell went down my gullet.

No cheesesteak, no italian sausage, no (gasp) funnel cake! It was all I could do to force down a milkshake (large) before calling it quits. Quite disappointing.

Couldn't find any fried cheese curds, either. I would've made room for those, dammit.

How to shift your 4 year old's paradigm: Show her a cow being milked.

"That's how we get milk, hon."
Pause. Pause. "Oh."

Favorite T-shirts at the Great York Interstate Fair:
1. "I see dumb people"
2. "Silence is Golden. Duct Tape is Silver"

And, yes, since everything in my life works its way back to poker (according to the Mistress) I was talking gaming and poker with a Democratic candidate for the Pennsylania State House of Reps.

Dammit, his name escapes me, but he said that it won't be long before table games will be legal in Pennsylvania.

By his analysis, West Va. and Delaware will legalize table games "the second" the proposed slots parlors open up in Gettysburg and elsewhere. Pennsylvania will have to keep up with the "arms race" and allow table games as well.

Cool if it does, and God help me as well.


Blogger ragecg said...

Dude, here in MN, I miss 3 things that I must order by mail monthly, lol:

-Martins BBQ Waffle Chips
-Lebanon Sweet Bologna

Nuf said:)

10:11 PM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

Get out, you have lebanon bologna mailed to you?

That's too funny!

6:14 AM  
Blogger jusdealem said...

I'm going on a hunt for that Duct Tape t-shirt! I just gotta have one. :)

12:55 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

There really isn't a good way to know what your preflop pot-equity is without running a bunch of calculations against a random number of hands. Google "Poker Stove" and you'll be able to download their software and you can play with it, like seeing what your preflop equity is with 76s against 5 other random hands.

9:05 AM  
Blogger C.L. Russo said...

ugh, work! I'll check it out, thanks Mike.

CORRECTION: I'm 0-2 for opening day, not 2-0.

9:25 AM  
Blogger ragecg said...

Hell yeah I do yo!

I go through Kunzlers online store, lol......

...I'm so sick, hehe..

7:51 AM  

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