Monday, September 25, 2006


Since I'm not going to report my losing sessions in an effort to make myself look like a poker star, I've got to find some other things to talk about.

Is anyone else fucking sick of Ray Lewis? What a dick. Talk about letting it go to your head. There's a difference between being a leader and having to be the only one getting the glory. I'm probably the only guy in the world who thought his stripping the ball from HIS TEAMMATE so he could run it in for a TD against the Raiders was a dick move. Yesterday, there was a fumble late in the game against the Browns. Lewis jumps in LATE and takes the ball away from, yes, his teammate again, dances around and carried the ball off the field. What a tool.

Oh, and Shaun Alexander. You pussy, you homo. You brittle-boned, underachieving 'got my money now I'm gonna coast' motherfucker. Do you even CONSIDER how you affect other people when you break your foot and go on the disabled list for the foreseable future?



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