Friday, October 06, 2006


Alright, I'm fucking spent. I can't keep raving about the online poker ban. Listening to everyone talk out their asses (myself included) is driving me nuts. Things are going to have to run their course.

Let me just sum up my feelings in a few lines:

  • I think getting money to a site is not going to be a problem. The issue is whether ISP's block the sites or not. If they do, game over, online poker's an early 21st century fad.
  • The United States is slowly becoming a 'holy' nation of suspects.

My plan:

Play Party until they cut off US citizens. Cash out and go to Pokerstars. When they pull out (they're only going to stay in long enough to get some rake off of the people leaving Party. Once the law gets close to implementation, they're out quick) I'll try or another site deemed worthy.

I have relatives in Canada. I'm probably going up there to visit this summer. Might check out the local banks (wink, wink.)


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