Thursday, October 19, 2006

ACLU Response

Since I'm a card carrying member of the ACLU (reserve my spot in a Halliburton concentration camp, please) I thought I'd find out what their stance on the UIGA is:

To whom it may concern;

I am writing today to express my concern about the possible reduction of my freedoms caused by the soon to be signed online gambling ban.

Clearly, this bill will limit my rights to choose how to spend my money on leisure activities of my choice.

I would like to know what the Pa. ACLU's stance on this legislation is and what, if any, actions yours or the national ACLU organization (of which I'm a member) is planning to address this issue.

Thank you
Chris Russo

Their response:

The ACLU is opposed to gambling laws which prohibit an individual from risking property in a game of chance as an unconstitutional intrusion by the government into the sphere of personal privacy, morality and conscience.
In order to enforce such laws, the police resort frequently to invasions of personal privacy so as to obtain evidence of violations. The legalization of gambling may serve to reduce the occasions when law enforcement officials engage in such unconstitutional practices as entrapment, harassment, wiretapping, and electronic surveillance.
In some states which provide for certain forms of public gambling but prohibit private games of chance, anti-gambling laws may be unconstitutional on additional grounds.
While the ACLU is opposed to laws that prohibit gambling entirely, it recognizes that, if properly administered, there is no constitutional objection to state or federal licensing or other regulation of commercial gambling. [Board Minutes, September 27-28, 1975.]

Okay, they're against it in theory, but they don't seem particularly, how should I say it, ENGAGED in this issue. Have to give them a pass, though. They're fighting bigger battles, now that we're a nascent totalitarian regime.

I haven't talked poker in a while, so let me sum up my play the last two days: I'm like that big-boobied girl we all knew in college that you and all your friends talked into bed week after week: I keep falling for that same old lie.


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